Welcome to Central United Methodist Youth Fellowship!


We offer opportunities to join a community and form authentic relationships with one another as well as Jesus Christ. We currently do this in two ways: On Sunday mornings, 9:30am to 10:30am, we have Sunday School in which we are discovering who the Bible’s main character is (it’s Jesus). In the evening, 4pm to 6pm, we meet again to discuss what it means to have Jesus in your life in a meaningful capacity. Below are pictures and some more information about CUMC Youth Fellowship. Thanks for stopping by!







4pm to 6pm
Central UMC’s youth group is a place where kids get the opportunity to meet and encounter Jesus in the Scriptures and through relationship. Sunday school every week looks at a different Bible story that builds upon the whole biblical narrative of a God who redeems and restores a people who turn away from Him. In the evenings, we give students the opportunity to develop deep, Gospel-centered relationships and learn how to live out what Scripture teaches us. We have lots of fun, too! But beware, because we might be throwing a football around!