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All Are Welcome @ Central UMC

Welcome to Central United Methodist Church! Central UMC is a family-size church for all of God’s family. We preach and practice “Open Hearts, Open Minds, and Open Doors.”

There are a few “Central” elements to our discipleship journey:

  • God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are Central. There is much joy to be found as seekers and believers in the central tenets of the faith.
  • Worship is Central. We practice a spirited, blended worship service appealing to all ages, and special non-Sunday worship opportunities during the year.
  • The undergirding and supporting ministries of the church is Central. Mission outreach, Christian Education, Congregational Care, Fellowship and Outreach to the community are key elements.
  • Love and Acceptance is Central. No matter who you are why you come, where you come from, in what stage of life you find yourself, you are welcome and loved.

We invite you to join us as part of your own journey of faith. Your presence will be a blessing!

— Rev. Amy Seifert

Frequently Asked Questions

What is worship like?

Worship at Central United Methodist Church is designed to be a welcoming experience for all people, without regard for any of the labels we impose on each other in our society. Come as you are!

I have children. How does worship work for us?

Absolutely! We currently don’t have children’s church, but a nursery is available for small children. All other children are more than welcome to join us in worship.

How should we dress for worship?

Dress as you feel comfortable. Our worship space has people who wear suits and ties and dresses. We have people who wear slacks and golf shirts. Some even wear shorts and T-shirts. Nobody will have any issues with what you wear.

During Communion what should I do?

We practice communion once a month, usually the first Sunday of the month. We use grape juice and bread, and we have gluton-free options available. 

In The United Methodist Church, we recognize that the communion table is God’s table, not particular to our denomination. So you need not be a member of our church to partake in communion.

Sometimes we practice “intinction” which is a practice of taking a piece of bread and dipping it into a chalice of juice. Other times, the elements are completely separate. Just listen for instructions that will be given by the pastor and watch the first few folks who go forward down the center aisle. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Do we need to give an offering? How does that work?

Tithes and offerings are accepted in person by dropping your gift into the offering plate. Or you can give online via this secure link.

Money given goes to the ministries and operations of the church. Money raised pays for salaries for the pastor and staff, purchases items needed for ministries, and at times is donated to particular causes in the Lawrence, Kansas, area and beyond.

Offerings are part of discipleship for members. While we welcome your gift, you should never feel obligated to donate to attend worship or any of our small groups or activities.

How do people follow along with worship? Will I be able to keep up?

Our worship experience uses several resources, all of which are easy for people to follow along. We have a printed bulletin that provides the order of service, as well as most of our responsive readings, prayers and where songs are found in our United Methodist hymnals. 

But all of the components of the worship service also appear on a screen at the front of the sanctuary, so you can read along and sing along with everyone else just by following what is happening on the monitor in the front of the room.

Where should I park? How do I get to the worship area?

Parking can be found on the south and west sides (off Vermont Street) of our building. We have some spots reserved for first-time visitors, and you can access the worship area from doors on the east side (via the ramp) and west sides of the building.

The most efficient way to reach the worship area is to park on the west side of the building and enter through the west door. The worship area is atop the flight of stairs to your right as you enter the building, or an elevator lift is available for those who can’t climb stairs easily. Once on the top level of those stairs and/or elevator, head to the left, where you will easily see the sanctuary. And sit wherever you like!

I'm nervous in new social situations. Will I have to talk to people?

We understand. Our congregation is full of friendly folks who may introduce themselves to you, but understand that you are under no obligation to engage in lengthy “small talk.” 

It’s perfectly OK to enter just as worship begins and to leave immediately upon conclusion. 

If you’re up for it, though, we encourage you to speak to the pastor briefly after worship before you leave. She often leaves the sanctuary at the conclusion of worship and greets people near the entrance of the church building.

Regardless, please leave your name and contact information so we can reach out to you — and we promise not to bother you!

I have a disability. Can I still participate in worship?

Absolutely! We have a handicap-accessible ramp at the east entrance of the building or an elevator lift is also available. Once in the sanctuary, we have cutouts on both sides that make it easy for anyone in wheelchair to sit with their friends or loved ones.

For the hearing impaired, the church has several sets of hearing-augmentation devices that work with or without hearing aids. Just ask an usher for assistance, and they can get you one for your use during worship.

People like me aren't welcome at every church. What about yours?

Central United Methodist Church is a fully inclusive congregation that welcomes all people, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, family configuration, religious background, economic status or disabilities. No exceptions!

We believe Jesus died for all people, calls us to love all people, directs us to make disciples of all people. And we believe all means all!

You’ll find a unisex restroom on the same level as the sanctuary and people ready to give you a warm welcome to the church regardless of how you dress, tattoos, piercings, hair color or any other way you choose to express yourself.

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