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Life is Good

The early Christians were able to say that life was good even as they faced trials, persecution, and death for their faith. Pastor Amy examines how they did this and how we can do the same by following their example.

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The Apostle Paul

Living the Resurrection concludes on this Easter Sunday with a look at the apostle Paul. His life-changing experience on the road to Damascus transformed everything about him — his name, his beliefs, and his life’s purpose....


Most Christians today believe that Jesus came to bring salvation to the world so people could be reconciled to God. But Christ’s mission on earth was so much more than that. Pastor Amy examines the reasons Jesus came, why...

Simon Peter

Today, as part of the Lenten sermon series Living the Resurrection, Pastor Amy discusses Simon Peter. The man upon which God would build the Church, denied he knew Jesus not once, but three times. The resurrected Jesus...