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Luke: The Final Week

We explore four scenes from Jesus' final week as a human being on earth. He teaches about redemption, dignity, justice and humility as key parts of being a disciple of Christ.

Luke: Journey to Jerusalem

This sermon introduces Jesus’s journey to Jerusalem, which highlights the way these stories increase the urgency of Jesus’s ministry and mission. They demonstrate an ongoing commitment to lifting up the lowly.

Luke: Parables from the Underside

Unique parables in Luke point to Jesus’s mission to reach the outsiders, outcasts, and outlaws. We look at some of the unique parables we find in Luke’s Gospel, including the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector,...

Holy Week Services

Holy Week Services

Join us for meaningful worship experiences during Holy Week. First, on Maundy Thursday, April 6, 2023, we will host our neighbors from Centenary United Methodist Church and take part together in a worship service that includes communion and a catered meal. We'll have...

Luke: Do You See This Woman?

The Gospel of Luke shows us the way Jesus valued women, ministered with them, taught them, and lifted them up. It calls us to strive for equity for women today, and highlights how Jesus sees all of us as dearly loved...

Luke: Lifting the Lowly

We start our Lenten worship series on the book of Luke. Jesus came to lift up the lowly. This is a central theme of Luke’s Gospel, which we find from the opening stories as God chooses and uses the “very old” and young...